Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I believe that social media is in no way a fad. The technologies that we have seen introduced in the last twenty years in respect to social media are immense. The list of social technologies that have been popping up over the years just keeps growing. It started with email, then facebook and my space, and now twitter, and this is a very condensed list. Social media has a major impact on most peoples lives because of how easy it makes communication between friends, family, students, teachers ect. And the thing about all this new technology is that it is user and age friendly. In the past year my mom has aquired an I phone and is on Facebook daily. The reason that these technologies are growing so fast is because they are so easy to use.

To say that it is the biggest shift since the industrial revolution is a bold statement that I will not agree with. I will say that it may be on it's way though. To have technologies that connect people world wide, from country to country, is really a very positive thing. To say that the growth of social media is a negative thing, is to say that there is an easier more efficient way to communicate worldwide, which there clearly is not.

Overall, social media has had a massive positive effect on society. With the introduction of new and easier ways to communicate and share ideas through social media, we can easily say that not only does social media connect people around the world but it also makes our lives a little easier.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010