Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Changes to social media in the future

         I feel that social media is going to continue to expand on it's already massive empire. Personally I believe that certain social media devices are a positive thing and that they are beneficial to society. However, I feel that some social media tools are absolutely ridiculous and have nothing positive to offer society except for maybe a false sense of importance. One of the social media tools that I think will die off quickly is Twitter. Twitter is a useless social media tool that lets people post what they are doing whenever they want. Twitter is mostly used for fans to "follow" celebrities during their day by day activities, and for this fact alone I feel that in the near future Twitter may take a hard fall as a useless social media tool. I don't want to bash on Twitter for this whole post so I'm gonna focus on a social media tool which I think benefits society. Facebook is a social media tool that I believe will be around for many years to come because it is very practical and people actually use it for communication between each other. To be able to look on facebook and chat with any of your friends, even if they live across the world, is very exciting. And yes, I know that Twitter kind of does the same thing but I jst think that they have taken it too far. I don't want to know what Puff daddy is eating for lunch and I don't care what Angelina Jolie is doing in Paris, but some people do. Anyways, Facebook makes catching up with old friends as easy as searching their name and adding them as friend. A five minute Facebook visit means that you can chat with your friends, add some new friends, post a video from youtube that you think others might be interested in, and post some recent photos. I feel that Facebook will continue to make additions to make it even better and it is useful and simplistic enough to remain relevant in the future.

       As for social media trend in the future, I feel that what we need is already there for us to use. I believe that we already have too many social media tools and they just keep coming out with new ones. I feel that improving upon existing social media tools would be a better option than releasing all of these new forms of social media. Unfortunately, I think that the trend will continue and we will continue to see only few social media tools that will be put to good use and the rest will simply become fads and be forgotten about in a particularly hasty manor.