Sunday, November 7, 2010

I think that all products and services can be generated with commons-based peer production. Commons-based peer production is a new method of economic production which can be generated by large groups of people. The site "" is an excellent example to show that a lot of things are affected by this form of economic production. If we look at the main types of media such as ; movies, cd's, dvd's, video games, nearly all of these thing can be obtained through a market powered by commons-based peer production and they can all be purchased for a fraction of the store cost or at no cost at all. I don't believe that all products and services have fell victim to this new economic production system but I am hard pressed to say that they won't in time. I think the main reason that eventually all forms of media will be generated with commons-based peer production is because of the convenience and the low cost that is produced by such a system. 

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